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Trade Waste Carlisle

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Trade Waste Carlisle


Waste products that are produced by business are because of their commercial activities and processes. They accumulate at the business in all forms and need to be removed and disposed of on a regular basis. These waste products are also known as trade waste, commercial waste, or business waste.

Often trade waste products have been processed in such a way that they need some pre-treatment or special attention as they are potentially harmful to the environment if they are not disposed of in a responsible manner. The onus is on the business to adhere to laws pertaining to waste disposal and not to transgress them, otherwise, they could be facing heavy fines. 


Industry Waste Cost Implications

Our experience with dealing with waste removal is used by companies to assist with waste removal plans for their businesses. This will help you meet the legal obligations of waste removal and assist the business improve its efficiencies and profitability. Waste removal is costly to businesses, having to pay taxes at landfill sites and bearing the ongoing costs of storage, processing, and removal of waste products We can help you make significant savings on your waste management processes by working closely with your business.

It has been shown by research that 25% of waste generated in England comes from industry. Not managed correctly, poorly managed waste disposal will increase this percentage, thereby increasing the likelihood of doing harm to the environment and eating away at hard earned profits.


How Little Green Junk Carlise can assist your business

Our services include advising you on methods to recycle our waste more effectively. This will help you reduce your trade waste through the recycling processes by identifying which waste can be recycled, sold for scrap, or disposed of correctly. The world is moving to sustainable waste disposal practices, and businesses strive to meet these requirements as it is part of their corporate responsibility, creating a favourable image with customers and Government. Companies with progressive, environmentally aware business processes have an edge over their competitors and could even benefit by being awarded contracts as a result.


Trade Waste Recycling

Employees are critical to the success of the implementation of a waste management plan. Getting their commitment will ensure it is effective, and training is required, particularly in the area of the                        “reduce/reuse/recycle” concept of waste management. Their buy-in will safeguard the company from transgressing any regulations, save money by efficient processes, thereby helping achieve the company’s waste management objectives. Little Green Junk Carlisle is a licensed waste removal company with environmentally correct methods of recycling. We can help you set up your separation units at your business, from design, to building, and installation. The units make use of different colour codes to make it easy for users to identify which waste goes into what bin.


Let us have a look at the items of trade waste that are commonly recycled:

  • Paper and Cardboard Recycling

As all paper can be recycled it makes no sense that any paper should end up in the landfill. Tons of cardboard and paper is used in business packaging and daily activities. From an environmental perspective cutting down trees is not sustainable, as it takes three tons of wood to produce a ton of paper. So, separation at source is encouraged and we will haul it away for recycling for you.

  • Plastic recycling

Plastic is often referred to as the enemy of the environment as it takes forever to degrade. Projections show that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans, which is why it's imperative for businesses to do their part recycling plastic. There are different types of plastic, and we at Rubbish Removal Carlisle can advise you on identifying and separating these at your business. Leave it to us to ensure that your plastic waste does not end up in the landfill. 

  • Rubber Recycling

Until recently rubber tyres were not recyclable. They used to be dumped into the landfills causing big environmental problems. However new ways to recycle tyres have been found, meaning that the majority of used tyres can be used in the production of fuel products. The cement industry has also found a use for old tyres, which is now used widely in these products. The recycled rubber is also widely used in the production of asphalt. The good news is that the huge stockpiles of tyres that existed have been reduced this way taking a lot of pressure off landfills.

  • Electronic Recycling

Most electronic items, even old and obsolete, no matter their condition, can be recycled or reconditioned. Frequently it is assumed that they are only scrap and would be of no use to anyone. It applies not only to computers, but also printers, old facsimile machines, scanners, hard drives, and monitors. Anything electronic can be pulled apart for spares or working parts, and may have value to someone. So, it is advisable to be wise when it comes to disposing of electronics. 

As a licensed waste carrier, Little Green Junk operates within the rules of the UK Government’s Waste Policy, and we are committed to the ethical disposal of waste. You are advised to use a licensed waste carrier to ensure that your waste products are disposed of in the correct way.

Did you know that printer cartridges take between 400-1000 years to biodegrade? This is a frightening statistic of which we are aware, and advise our customers to be particularly careful with what they do when throwing out old cartridges. We advise you to try refilling them, either by yourself, or using a computer shop. You could consider donating them to a school as they often collect empty cartridges as part of a fundraising effort.

Little Green Junk enjoys an excellent record of customer service excellence. If you require trade clearance services, please contact us for a price competitive quote. Our service does not include specialist trade waste, like hazardous materials, chemical and medical waste, but we are able to help you with advice on this kind of business waste if you need it.


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