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Office Moving and Clearance, Carlisle

Co-ordinating an office move, if not well planned, can be a traumatic event for all concerned. The entire business must uproot and move, with all its valuable equipment. Work is disrupted and all employees must relocate to offices that are strange to them. Business owners are too aware that this can cause stress to all involved, and the performance of the business could suffer. Once new premises have been found, the arrangements for the move can start.


Planning your office move


  • Do not rush it

The more planning that goes into the move, the more successful the move will be. Make provision for unknown surprises that may come up during the move, giving yourself ample time to overcome any surprise that comes along.

A time frame of six months should be adequate time for you to plan your move. Keep an eye on the expiry date of your lease and be aware of how much notice is required.

  • Consult with office furniture removal companies

First is to know how much the move will cost and what to expect from the furniture removal company and decide who you are going to choose. Obtain quotations from reputable office removal companies. Get them to commit to the date you have in mind.

 As the removal company is carrying all your business possessions, you will want to ensure that they are reliable and professional. You may require them to inspect your equipment before they quote to ensure that they have the right gear to carry out the move. Fragile equipment will need to be packed with care, so ensure that they are able to do this. Check out the testimonials and previous clients’ comments. At Little Green Junk, there is no job too big for us. We handle all your business equipment, furniture, and operating assets as if they were our own. 

  • Book the removal company

You would wish for your move to cause least disruption to your business as possible. Therefore, choose a removal company that is prepared to be flexible enough to carry out the move while your business continues. To take the stress of office clearance from you, Little Green Junk is dedicated to giving you the best possible service while being mindful of the continuity of your business during the move. Our Little Green Junk team will fit into your program and do the move at a time convenient to you, ensuring that there is the least amount of disruption to your staff and their work schedules. Our 6 day work week gives you flexibility, and we also do a same-day service. 

A successful move is dependent on the standard of the moving crew you use, and we are aware of this. When you check out the removal company be sure to also check the following:

  • What are their operating hours, are they going to be flexible, do they charge for overtime hours?
  • Do they charge per hour or per job? Is their fee structure transparent upfront?
  • Check testimonials from previous customers
  • Are you supplied with boxes? Do they clean up afterwards?


Create a move plan

Your employees will feel secure if they are kept in the loop throughout the moving process. By creating a move plan and circulating it to everyone, they will all know their role and what the timing will be. By having responsibility, team members can lessen the load helping with internet and phone connections, and supervise IT specialists or any tradesmen that may be needed for other installations. Suppliers and customers can be notified of new contact details in good time.


  • Make an inventory list 

Use the occasion of your move to rid your office of accumulated junk. Doing a junk cleanup at the time of a move means that you will not be taking unnecessary clutter with you. Make a list of what is to be thrown out. Ask the removal company if their appliance removal service disposes of electronics in an environmentally friendly manner. Broken furniture such as desks, chairs, and couches can be hauled away. At Little Green Junk Company, our office removal service will haul away and recycle as much of your unwanted junk as possible. Our responsibility to the environment and eco-philosophy ensures that as little as possible ends up in landfill.

  • Back up old files

It is advisable to ensure that all your data on your computer system is backed up. This will ensure that no business information is at risk during the move and that all records are in order once you are in your new premises. Confidential or key documents such as bank records, contracts, insurance records and agreements should be itemized and securely moved during the office move.

We have a proud record and reputation as a top removal company in the area. Our efficient office clearance service is offered at cost-effective prices, so make sure you call us first if you are considering your next office move.

  • Office clearance- Get rid of Junk

Think carefully about your office contents and take this opportunity to declutter on the amount of excess, unused or broken equipment, appliances, office equipment, files, and paperwork, all of which may have built up over the years. If you do this well in advance of the move, you won’t be rushed as the time comes to move, and end up throwing something out without due consideration. There will be an opportunity to have an office warehouse sale of items that are still in reasonable condition and which will contribute towards buying replacement items.

Little Green Junk Carlisle is a well-established removal company who are specialists in moving offices, and office junk removal. We offer you the absolute best service which is cost competitive and our methods of disposal are all environmentally friendly. We can project manage your entire move from start to finish. Our services include recycling of IT equipment, furniture removal and recycling services, and relocation services of the entire office and its contents. 

We have an excellent record of delivering efficient removals in Carlisle and surrounds, and we are proud of our excellent reputation for customer service.  

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