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Doing a House Clearance

Giving your house a spring clean? The need to do a house clearance is most likely driven by circumstances such as moving house, which would include packing and cleaning, or cleaning your rental property for a new tenant, or doing an entire house clearance with a deceased estate. 

When you decide to do a house clearance, you will most likely make use of a house clearance company such as ours. Little Green Junk is a reputable, well-established house clearance company based in Carlisle. Our services cover all aspects of clearing your house, including the removal of old furniture, household appliances, and general residential junk. Our friendly team will do the job for you. If the entire household is to be moved, then it’s advisable to use a specialized furniture removal company to help pack, move, and store your household goods. 

Let us look at some guidelines to get your house clearance organized. 


Decide what to keep and what to throw away

As soon as you have decided to do a house clearance, here is how it should be tackled. Sorting of all your belongings or goods that need to be cleared can be done by separating them into two categories: Those you want to keep, and those you want to throw away. By inspecting all your possessions, you will most likely find that there are many items you have not used for ages. This may be the ideal time to get rid of old unused possessions that are just taking up space and are never used.

By taking a critical look at your wardrobe you should be able to tell which of your clothes (be honest now!) have gone out of fashion, and as a result you do not wear them anymore. They have been hanging there year in and year out with no use. The pleasant news is that there is always a market for old clothes, and your donation will be very well received at a thrift shop. 

The children may have grown out of their clothes, and as a result they are all stuffed at the back of the wardrobe, not being worn. Together with other equipment such as baby car seats, pushchairs and cots that have been outgrown, children’s items have a ready resale market and good quality second-hand children’s toys are good to sell online. This is because new toys are pricey and recycling children’s toys for resale is a common practice.

You should address your home office and house collection of books and magazines next. You can find these days of electronic media access to information is much easier and a lot of your hoarded magazines and cuttings appear online. Most people are unlikely to refer to a magazine again after it has been read. The general principle is to throw a magazine out if it is over three months old. Books are a different situation, but there may be books that you can consider taking down to the secondhand bookshop, for resale to others. 

It is easy to overlook the kitchen, which is where a buildup of junk often occurs. Plastic containers that have been used and are stored in the expectation that one day they will be used always take a lot of space. Sort through them and get rid of the ones you do not need. You can throw away jars and containers without lids as they are of no use. It is the ideal time to get rid of appliances that are not working, and which are cluttering your kitchen cupboards. There could be a handyman out there that is prepared to fix them, so think of donating them to charity or a thrift shop.


Larger junk items

Our house clearance staff are trained to give you excellent service and are experienced in safely and efficiently removing any large junk items like furniture or big appliances. You may want to upgrade your couch and chairs, or appliances and if you are thinking about what to do with them, we can help you recycle them or give them to a deserving recipient on a charity list. We try to dispose of all your junk in an eco-friendly way, making sure that as far as possible they can be reused or recycled.

Removing kitchen appliances can be tricky as both plumbing, and electrics are involved. We train our team to do this job for you when you would like to do the upgrade. We also offer air conditioner disposal and mattress removal besides other heavy throw away items. Our service is quick, hassle free and professional. 


Reputation of the House Clearance Company

As a safeguard and to protect your own interests, we recommend that you check out the credentials of the house clearance company you are intending to use. Cheap, fly-by-nights have dumped rubbish illegally in the past without thinking about the environment. Cheap is not necessarily your best option, as you could end up getting a fine for having your rubbish dumped illegally.

  • What to check before you hire a house clearance company
  • Is it registered as a licensed waste carrier with the local authority?
  • Does it have an insurance policy which also covers trade public liability 
  • See their company registration number and check that they are registered for VAT. 
  • Have you received a quotation on their official stationery?
  • Do an internet search to check out their track record and client feedback

At Little Green Junk we look after our reputation by making sure we look after each customer. By being customer orientated, we ensure that every job has a satisfied client. Our promise of on-time delivery at affordable prices has made us the leading house clearance company in Carlisle.

We assure you of the highest safety standards to minimize your insurance risk. Please take time to read our reviews!

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