Selective Demolition and Strip-Outs, Carlisle

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June 25, 2020
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July 7, 2020

Selective Demolition and Strip-Outs, Carlisle

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Selective Demolition and Strip-Outs, Carlisle

Home renovations and upgrades are becoming increasingly popular. Perhaps you are thinking about creating a new, more modern look? If it involves some parts of the house, chances are, you will have to remove some fixtures, walls, plumbing or electrics. To create beauty, you first must make a mess, because in this process called selective demolition, you must break out and generate a whole heap of demolition waste. Otherwise called stripping out, the removal of elements of your structure requires careful planning, and lots of hard work.

The pre-preparation involved in creating new, clear space for your renovation will be noisy, dusty, and dirty. By preparing yourself for this, you will have to find a place of sanctuary somewhere in the house to avoid the strip out. One thing is sure that whether it is a big or small strip out, you should know what you are in for. Here are some tips.


What is the aim of a Strip out?

Stripping out is the process required to get space ready for renovation or refurbishment. Most popular these days is refurbishment of a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. This is achieved by first removing parts that you wish to change, but not demolishing the building’s external structure. This will interfere with your daily routines, and mistakes made can be costly. Therefore, planning and budgeting, and adherence to timelines are of vital importance. We at Little Green Junk Carlisle have many years of experience in hauling away debris from strip outs, and we are professionally qualified to give you some advice.


Stripping the Kitchen: What to look out for 

Kitchens have been modernized and made more accessible in recent years by making them far more accessible to living and dining areas. Gone are the days when the person preparing meals was stuck away, sweating over a hot stove out of sight. As these refurbishments require the entire area to be restyled, walls are demolished, power points relocated and washing up moved out of sight to a scullery.

Preparation of such a renovation requires patience and a degree of haste because this is a place used every day and cooking of food is what the family needs. 

We do not recommend you attempt the whole strip out as a DIY project: it will simply take too long. Electrics, gasworks, and plumbing that needs to be redone will require the services of a trained contractor. We at Little Green Junk have the expertise to assist by helping remove appliances and hauling away junk. We have removed refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, microwaves, and many other kitchen appliances across Carlisle over the last few years.


Bathroom Strip Outs

Bathroom upgrades add a lot of value to houses, and when complete, give a new feeling of luxury and brightness and it brings new pleasure to the occupants. We caution that to achieve this, you will have to go through some pain, as it is a difficult build most times. Designing the bathroom is part of the fun though, and it is best to acquire all the components before you start. You can do some of the easier strip outs yourself, such as removing tiles and dismantling cupboards. However, we recommend that it is a job for building, electrical, and plumbing contractors. 

As most of the bathroom components you are stripping out are still in working condition, they have some value and can be sold. Let us help you with tub removal, basin, and toilet removals, and we can help you find a secondhand dealer who will give you some cash back.

All bathroom debris, we move quickly and efficiently, and leave you with a clean slate to start your renovation.


General, small demolitions around the house

When you decide to do further refurbishments, whether inside or out the house, it's advisable to try and conserve any fitting that is removed in the process. To simply apply a big hammer to everything may be a satisfying feeling, but you will end up with a pile of useless junk that has no resale value. Have recycling in mind from the start, and encourage your contractor to do the same.

We collect all kinds of materials from a variety of different demolitions and renovations such as:

  • Conversion of outside rooms, or garage, to a self-catering let.
  • Erection of fencing involving all types of materials, metal, wood, wire, or plastic
  • Outside areas, such as patios, garden sheds, that need upgrading or demolition.
  • Rooms that need small changes and have waste that need to be removed.


Useful tips for recycling demolition materials


  • Fixtures and fittings


The removal of cupboards and partitions, and other fixtures and fittings should be done with care. Rather, take them apart for easy removal and transport if you wish to resell them. Our helpful staff can advise on how to recycle these or donate to a charity.


  • Concrete and masonry


Once you have broken concrete, walls, and plaster, we suggest you find ways to crush them or use them in creating foundations for pathways, driveways or retaining walls. This can be done right on your own property, or we can do a construction debris removal for you and dispose of it in a responsible manner.


  • Doors and windows


Old doors and windows have good resale value, and when you remove them, do it with care by carefully chipping around the edges so you do not damage the frames or break the glass. Sell them at Sunday markets or secondhand yards.


  • Wood products


Recycled wood is highly sought after, with home DIYers always looking out for a good deal. All timber can be recycled, and put to excellent use, and with some sandpaper or paint, is good as new. Try not to damage your wood when you do your strip out, as it has value to you.


DIY or Contractors: Being Moneywise

These extended periods where many have been working from home, may tempt you to do the strip outs yourself. Things to consider are: whether you have the right tools, if the job requires extra hands, and the complexity of the job. Of course, you will save money this way, but you will have to live with all the mess. There is a lot to be said for calling the experts to do your demolition jobs. If you hire a contractor, check on references to ensure that the demolition is performed safely and accurately. Rubbish Removal Carlisle will collect the waste and debris from the demolition, leaving your site empty and clear from any rubbish.

To do the strip outs, the right equipment will be needed. Hiring these is an option, however bear in mind that the complex work will require specialized tools and expertise. Balance your budget by doing what you can and leave the rest to the professionals. When it comes to junk removal, look no further than us to do it quickly and efficiently, at a price that will please you.


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