Home Office Cleanout, Carlisle

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July 3, 2020
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Home Office Cleanout, Carlisle

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Home Office Cleanout, Carlisle

Work patterns have changed dramatically in recent months and this trend of WFH (work from home) is likely to continue for some while as working people take actions to avoid the menace of Covid-19. This has prompted people to re-look at their home workspace, to ensure that it’s as productive as possible. Of course, there are many places you can find to do your work, and use these options according to what suits you. But it’s not really a good idea to work from your bed one day, then the kitchen table next, or out in the garden. It's best you set up a proper, more permanent place with a good desk and chair.

Key to good productivity is seclusion and privacy, and a space only for work and nothing else. It’s a good idea to prepare this area well by cleaning it out in advance of working, as this will make it pleasant to work in.

One of our focus areas at Little Green Junk Carlisle is the hauling away of office junk in the Carlisle area, and we have seen how home office cleanouts have greatly increased people’s work rates.


Tips to Make Your Office Space More Productive

At first working from home will be challenging for you. The children will love having you at their beck and call, and you will find it hard to establish a routine. How do you separate work and leisure when the couch is beckoning, and the TV is showing a rerun of your favourite show? Keeping the children occupied may interrupt your work routine, whilst you try to convince everyone that you have work to do and deadlines are looming.

We encourage you to get organized from the start, establish a work pattern in a clean environment meant only for work. Therefore, we recommend that you start with the decluttering first to help you to be productive. 

We at Little Green Junk are dedicated to giving you a professional office cleanout service and will pick up your junk and dispose of it for you.

Use the following tips to help you organize your home office.


  • Decide What You Need in Your Home Office


Look carefully at what you will be using all the time and keep those items. As there may be more than one person working in the home office, use spacing and seating wisely, with enough work surfaces for everyone. Should you require space to meet with clients, find a suitable place separate from your living area, as you don’t want to be distracted by a noisy television, or rampant children. 


  • Set Aside a Time for a Cleanout


Give yourself time, don’t rush it and do the cleanout properly, it’s the one-time chance to do it well. You will experience greater productivity once it's complete, and catch up time you have used to do the cleanup.


  • Get Started: Stay Focused


Once you have decided on the day, begin early, and focus on the job at hand. Start with the 3R principle in mind - reduce, recycle, and reuse. Sort through everything in the new office. Call us at Junk Removal Carlisle and we will remove your unwanted junk and recycle it for you. Bigger items such as furniture or old office equipment present no problem to us, we’ll just get that space looking good!

  • Rearrange Your Home Office Space

This presents the opportunity to reposition the contents of the new office in a way that you feel will be best for you. Consider the angle of the natural light, the draught from the position of a window when opened and make use of the shape of the room.

Always keep the position of plug points in mind so that you don’t have wires tripping you up, and you are able to channel them neatly.


  • Shop to Re-stock


As you are likely to be sitting most of the day, the most important consideration is to have a comfortable chair to sit in. Invest in some items that are going to make your office comfortable and productive. This includes a filing cabinet so that you can keep organized. Make sure you have enough stationery, so you don’t have to keep running out for supplies which you took for granted at work previously.


  • Clean and Tidy

Now’s a good time to clean thoroughly so you have no sign of dirt and perhaps think of disinfecting surfaces for a clean start.


  • Tweak and Perfect Your New Office Space


Now that you are almost ready, add some final touches, such as lighting, wall hangings, and a pot plant or two. Give the room a professional appeal and have your graduation pictures hanging on the wall behind your chair, so that it looks good in Zoom meetings.

What to Expect from a Responsible Junk Removal Company?

By asking the right questions of the junk removal company you intend to use to remove your home office cleanup junk, you will ensure that you are choosing the right partner for your waste removal. Save yourself the embarrassment of hearing that your junk has been dumped illegally somewhere.

Rest assured that Little Green Junk is a licensed junk removal company. We remove your waste and dispose of it in an eco-friendly way. We understand the importance of recycling junk to avoid dumping in the landfill as much as possible. So, in choosing your junk removal company be sure to find out how the junk they collect is disposed of.

We are committed to keeping our environment as clean as possible.  

The benefit of using our service includes free, transparent, all-in quotes, flexible work hours and friendly efficient staff. This means that we are available to offer you junk removal services on weekends, or after hours, if so required.

Let us help you clear out your junk while you set up your home office. 

We are determined to maintain our excellent reputation for customer service in Carlisle and surrounding areas. This means that we always give reliable and professional clearance services. Call us first when you need office clearance services. 


Please contact us now for a free, No Obligation quote for your home office cleanup at the following number 01228 586150. We look forward to hearing from you.

Email: enquiries@littlegreenjunk.co.uk