Garbage Removal Companies and the Covid-19 Pandemic

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May 29, 2020
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June 24, 2020

Garbage Removal Companies and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Bags of garbage piled near a dumpster

Garbage Removal Companies and the Covid-19 Pandemic

The emergence of the pandemic has given us all a wake-up call. We have had to heed the precautions of health experts and follow the advice from Governments on issues like social distancing, and how to avoid becoming infected.

Working people, who have had to stay at home under lockdown, are slowly going back to their offices, whilst the trend of working from home will stay with us for some time to come. Not only has the pandemic changed our lifestyles, it has changed our patterns of movement, and the way we communicate, and interact with each other. This has meant that employers have had to be mindful of office cleanliness and do daily staff health checks.


The Importance of Safe Waste Disposal

During this time people will be spending more time at home and are likely to have more time on their hands; time which is saved by not having to travel on a crowded train, a bus, or being stuck in the traffic in cars. What has emerged is that a lot more waste is being generated from being at home through DIY activities, and, perhaps the lockdown has afforded homeowners an opportunity to do jobs that have been ignored over the years. Jobs such as house clean up, or a home renovation, or garden and shed clearance are likely. Either way, all the junk accumulated from these activities must go somewhere. 

During this period, waste collection has been classified as an essential service and the council continues to collect your waste. However, the bigger items like old appliances or broken furniture you would like to dump, will need a waste remover to haul away. Many charities, recycling operations and buy/sell channels have been restricted too, and homeowners have found it difficult to dispose of their unwanted items.


Opportunities for Bulk Trash Removal during the Crisis

We at Little Green Junk offer our clients in Carlisle and surrounding areas a safe waste removal experience. We take no chances with our customers’ health and safety, and discourage all households that are considering doing a waste removal to do the same. This includes using waste removers that are not legitimate, or registered for waste removal. The presence of fly tippers who dump junk illegally has been on the increase over this period, and they do not offer the safety standards of a licensed operator.

It's advisable not to let waste build up at your premises. This is an unhealthy practice, which, if not attended to can result in germs and bacteria spreading rapidly. At this time, this is something that everyone needs to avoid, as it's wise not to put your family at risk. Simply call a waste remover such as ours and we will haul away your junk at a time that suits you.


What to expect from a Waste Removal Company? 

We at Little Green Junk are aware of our duty to perform safe waste removals. As a fully registered waste removal company complaint in all respects, we encourage all clients in the Carlisle area not to take short cuts by asking a fly tipper to do the job, and for you to be aware of the safety rules we are recommending.


Safety Rules to Follow

  • We request that you stay indoors when we come to remove your waste, as this is part of the social distancing process to ensure that there is no risk to each other during the removal process. We check the health of our crew regularly to safeguard against transmission of the virus amongst each other and our customers.
  • Please have your junk at the ready by putting it in one easily accessible place for our crew. Should you wish, we can collect from your pavement, to avoid interacting with us completely.
  • If we need to interact with you, remember the 1.5 meters social distancing rule.
  • We recommend the use of electronic paper signatures and payments for purposes of safety. We assure you all our equipment is sanitized regularly.
  • Unfortunately, we must forsake the normal handshakes and our friendly smiles may be hidden under masks, but we assure you our great service and etiquette remains the cornerstone of our business.



Safety is our primary concern

Collecting waste is often a messy business, but it is what we do with excellence daily. We keep our own hygienic standards up to speed through regular hand washing, sanitizing, and having the correct personal protective equipment. 

We are giving you the recognized guidelines to safe waste removal in these circumstances and encourage you to follow these practices and take the pandemic extremely seriously. Every precaution you take is designed to protect you and your family more effectively against this scourge, and designed to reduce the chances of infection. It is the duty of both the household members and the staff of the waste remover to act in unison to keep everyone protected.


Why choose us?

Whether you have a house full of junk, or you are clearing and cleaning your offices, and looking for a safe and responsible waste remover, please call Little Green Junk in Carlisle. Our safety procedures are of the highest standard. When comparing our prices, you will discover that they are hard to beat. As a top class waste remover, we doubt that you have any reason to look anywhere else. 

We have an outstanding reputation for customer service, based on the many great waste removal jobs we have done for our clients in business and households in Carlisle. We provide trustworthy and professional garbage haulage, so please do not hesitate to call us immediately when you need waste clearance services, and we will arrange to come out and provide you with the service you deserve. We arrive at your home or office at the agreed time, and if by any chance we are delayed, we will keep you informed. We also offer same day junk removal if you require this. 


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