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Construction Debris Removal, Carlisle
July 21, 2020
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Estate Cleanout, Carlisle

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Estate Cleanout, Carlisle

Losing a loved one is always a difficult experience for the family and friends. When it happens, we become overcome with grief and sadness. One of the most difficult things to do is to have to go through the deceased person’s belongings when the time comes to have to clear up the place where they lived. Not only that, the person doing the estate cleanout will be faced with a mountain of possessions that have to be kept, sold, donated, or disposed of altogether.

 If you are the designated person who has the legal authority to wind up the affairs of the deceased, you will be faced with the daunting task of having to make an inventory, pay outstanding creditors, and notify the beneficiaries to the will. The next step will involve allocation of the assets, identifying personal items that have special meaning, and arranging the disposal of the balance.

When this needs to be done, you can look no further than your local junk hauler, Little Green Junk Carlisle, who will give you the support that you need at this time.


How do we do a deceased estate rubbish removal?

We at Little Green Junk are here to service the community of Carlisle when they need an estate cleanup and removal for deceased estates. When you need us, give us a call and we can arrange a time to be there to give you the assistance you need with this important job.

As we understand the feelings that you and your family are going through, our trained team members can give you the emotional support when undertaking this onerous task. They will arrive and work seamlessly with you to clear all unwanted goods and haul away the junk or the items you wish to donate on our big truck.


  • Valuables and Personal Belongings


The first activity we recommend you embark on is the identification and removal of valuables and personal belongings. We understand the sensitivity of working with belongings like these, and our crew understands this may be hard for you to do. Let’s help sort them out and get them into a safe place. 

Next is to go through the property and identify all the items that have been allocated to beneficiaries and put them aside to be collected or distributed to them. What should be left are all the goods that are to be disposed of in some way or another. 

The small items that can be given away or donated easily, or even perhaps put on a garage sale are easy to isolate and put aside. Many of these will be old and have little selling value, and charities may be a good place to take them to.


  • Large Items in an Estate Cleanout


It may be that the deceased has lived at the property for a long while and there are a lot of household contents. Some items may be incredibly old, worn, and could be broken. Others may be needing minor repairs but are in perfect working order. 

At Little Green Junk we go the extra mile not to have to dump anything into the landfill and are huge supporters of the principles of recycling. We have a network of repairers and recyclers that we work with and are very experienced in ensuring that as much of the household can be reused by others. 

Once we identify all these types of items, we can remove, load, and haul them away to trustworthy dealers and repair shops to get you some cash for the goods. Be assured, we act in your best interest always!


  • We leave the Place Clean


While it's important for you to have a property clear of everything, as it may need to be sold or rented out, we know that it’s just as important for it to be clean. Our services include the cleaning of the property so that it can be left clean and neat.


Why do the clearing of a deceased's estate early?


  • To safeguard against theft and vandalism


As the house may be unattended, the property is susceptible to vagrants occupying it or thieves entering the place. It is not advisable to leave the house unoccupied for a lengthy period, and while the estate arrangements may take a while to be concluded, we recommend that the cleanup be done as soon as possible.


  • Limit the emotional anxiety 


Your emotional state at this time is higher than normal, and the event can be causing you some anxiety. It's why we suggest that we help you as partners to do the hard work associated with an estate clearance. We can provide you with the support and care, while efficiently getting on with the work.


  • To locate persons with interest in the deceased estate


Once the estate administration is complete, and the beneficiaries have been told about their claim, it's an idea to get them to come to the property to identify their items. Once these have been removed the rest can be sorted. Once this is complete, they can be removed, the property cleaned, and ready for further use.


  • Safeguard important items


If the estate cleanout is planned and executed quickly, those items of both sentimental and monetary value can be safeguarded. This would include photos, electronics and jewelry. 


  • Take an inventory for advertising for sale


To save the risk of having to sell in a hurry, we suggest you take an inventory soonest, so that you can prepare the advertising for sale. In addition, the household items won’t have time to collect dust and mould, or the property becoming overrun by pests.


If you are the legally authorized person to clear a deceased’s estate in the Carlisle area, look no further than to find a local company to help you with the estate clear out.

We at Little Green Junk Carlisle, are professionally qualified to perform an efficient estate clearance, all done in an empathetic manner. 

We work to assist you with clearing your deceased estate in Carlisle and surrounding areas.

Please call today at 01228 586150 

or email: for a free, no obligation quote, or to arrange a site visit for junk removal in Carlisle.