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June 24, 2020
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Construction Debris Removal


With the public exposed to many home renovation programs on TV nowadays, homeowners are inspired to remodel their homes by undertaking what seems like easy to-do renovations. The truth of the matter is that it is not always plain sailing! The renovation of a home is a major undertaking which requires incredibly careful planning, good budget controls, and management. Not only that, you are faced with living amongst the mess while the renovation is going on. This is likely to cause you some discomfort and stress. Whatever the size of your renovation, we suggest that you carry out your research thoroughly before embarking on such undertaking, to prevent time and money wastage.


5 Tips for a Successful Home Renovation from Professional Designers:

  1. Do not be in a rush to start your new renovations. Professionals advise that by living in the house for a time will give you a good idea of the flow, the angle of sunlight for lighting, and important things like the roofing, entertainment area, and access. 
  2. When budgeting, take all eventualities into consideration, including the unexpected discovery of a defect that may have been covered with wallpaper. The age-old advice is to add 15% to your budget for these unfortunate events. If they do not happen, then it's money in your pocket.
  3. Consider what part of the renovation is most important to you, like the living area, or the kitchen, and tackle that first. It's best to finish areas, before you move on to the next one. Sometimes a coat of paint will suffice in the place of a full renovation, saving you money in the process.
  4. The submission of your house plans should be done first, whereupon the process of approaching contractors could follow. Often an architect can give you good advice that can save you money in the long run.
  5. Ensure that you are comfortable during the renovation, and if you are living in the house, it’s an idea to make a nest for yourself where you can have your TV and cooking appliances at hand.


Clever Ways to Save Money during Your Renovation

Working to budget during the renovation is especially important. Costs can quickly escalate where you may even find that you may run out of money. Here are some tips to save money.

  • Pre-preparation work can be done by yourself in most cases, even if you are not the DIY type of person, cleaning out workspaces prior to the arrival of the contractors can save you labour time. As artisans are paid hourly, every hour doing the real work they are supposed to do is an hour saved. Even if you are unsure how to do elementary jobs, YouTube is an excellent source of information to learn how to do it, and if you do not have the tools, tool hire is the best option. Small jobs like painting, scrubbing walls and floors are within your reach. It's not advisable to touch plumbing or electrics as this is the job for specialists. It's best to save money on waste pickup by collecting it in one location to make a bulk trash removal.
  • Many materials that are broken down during the preparation for a renovation can be recycled or reused. Items like kitchen cupboards may only need a paint or new handles, and need not be thrown away. Many renovators spend time in salvage yards, or scour the internet for resale items that are on their list to be purchased, saving a good deal of money and generating less construction waste.
  • Take advantage of “specials” that are there to attract customers on special occasions like Black Friday, especially for big cost items. By being vigilant, you could well prune lots off your costs.
  • There is always a market for secondhand bathroom and kitchen accessories. If you intend to sell these, advertise on buy/sell websites. If you have difficulty removing them or selling them, Little Green Junk will assist with their removal and disposal.

Construction debris starts to pile up quickly when you start your renovation. It is important to have your waste hauler online when you start, as space will be needed to do the construction work, and you do not want your building site filled with waste. The Little Green Junk Company in Carlisle is geared to remove all forms of construction rubble. You may have an impending building inspection and wish to have a clear site, or you simply need the space to work more effectively. We can send the waste pickup team to your site speedily, even on the same day if needed, and haul away your waste without getting in the way of your building activities.

We have the right equipment to remove every type of construction debris. From material packaging, to broken tiles, brick, cement, broken out concrete and general rubble that has been dumped from the breakout of your house renovation. We adhere to the local bylaws of the local council when it comes to waste removal and disposal, and we stick to their regulations. Our philosophy at Little Green Junk is to try and recycle as much as we can, to avoid dumping on the landfill as best as possible. We work neatly and efficiently, and always leave the area cleared, clean, and tidy once we have collected all waste.


Important questions before you choose a construction debris removal company: 

  • Is the quote clear, transparent, include all costs, and is it competitive?
  • How flexible are they when it comes to pick up times: do they fit into your schedule?
  • Are they licensed and authorized to remove and dump construction waste?
  • What do previous clients say about their work?

The Little Green Junk Company has a team of professional staff equipped to do your construction debris removal. They will make every effort to recycle any materials they collect. We accommodate your schedule by being on standby to collect your construction waste over weekends, in the evening, or at your convenience. The free no obligation quote would only be changed if agreed to by both parties.

Please call today on 01228 586150 or email: for a free, no obligation quote, or to arrange a site visit for junk removal in Carlisle. 


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